Some of our stories are difficult to tell and we feel embarrassed or even judged. But by being authentic and bold in sharing your experience, you will have people hearing things for which they otherwise would not have listened. You can affect, touch, and help people by letting them know you, too, are perfectly, imperfect.

Cassie Jo Monaco

Mission Statement


To be authentic and compassionate in helping people find and achieve their purpose through the BOLD telling of Cassie's personal story and delivering her message of hope, love, joy, and courage. 

Cassie is a woman who acknowledges and embraces life's most challenging, life-altering, and fateful moments.  She is BOLD in the telling of her life's events. Cassie believes that there are gifts that lie in these moments that we would otherwise like to forget. But by BOLDLY facing the gravity of these moments, we can then free ourselves of the tight hold of anger, regret, shame, sadness, and vengeance. Our past holds the key to what our purpose is to be. We must be brave and courageous to face our past.