Cassie refers to herself as a champion survivalist at life, a skill she developed at a tender age.  


She knows full well that life's not designed to be easy and that most of the time, we have to create our joy and our opportunity. Cassie believes everyone has the gift of creating joy and opportunity, but it is often buried so deep under the trauma and turmoil that we endured in our past that it has become lost, or it is too daunting for us to dig deep and unearth. 


Cassie describes her survival and self-preservation skills kicking into full gear when her childhood was stolen from her at the age of seven-years-old. Cassie mastered the art of waking up every day with purpose. It was having that knowledge of purpose, no matter how small it might be, that was her lifeline for survival, joy, and perseverance. It was these survival skills that aided her as she ran away at seventeen, never looking back, with little more than the clothes on her back.


Cassie's husband describes her as unconventional, fierce, and one who takes the path less traveled. She believes people fear the wrong things in life that hold them back from finding purpose and success. Cassie says:


"It's not that I am FEARLESS, but instead, it is because I am FEARFUL of not living and experiencing enough life and having a purpose that in a heartbeat I will choose to leap versus standing, pondering, and wondering."

Cassie is authentic and bold in sharing her story in her upcoming memoir, "The Green-Eyed Queen of Deborgia: A not so royal life." She wants to help you to become untethered from your past by helping you to tell your story and find your answers. 


Cassie is the Founder of the non-profit A Day Closer, an organization that helps keep families connected and intact while a loved one is incarcerated. She and her husband, Chris, live in Whitefish, Montana. Cassie is the mother of three grown daughters and the "Gammy" of seven grandchildren.